Platinum Jubilee FA Cup Records

This blog now represents a respectful tribute to the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II who sadly passed away on 8th September 2022.

May she rest in peace.

Original blog from June 2022 below:

The nation is celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, representing 70 years since she ascended to the Throne.

Those 70 years cover approximately 50% of the FA Cup campaigns that have ever occurred, and to follow are some FA Cup records relevant to those 70 years, covering all seasons starting with the 1952-53 campaign won by Blackpool FC in what became known as the ‘Matthews Final’.

A total of 1,487 clubs have participated in FA Cup since 1952, but only 148 (10%) of them have participated in every single one of those 70 campaigns.

Twenty-four different clubs have lifted the Trophy during those years with 40 clubs in total participating in the 70 Finals.

Arsenal FC have lifted the Trophy the most times with 11 victories starting in the 1970-71 season, whilst Manchester United have appeared in the most Finals, 18 in total, beginning as runners-up in 1956-57.

The top 10 clubs in the FA Cup over the last 70 years are:

1) Arsenal FC (11 wins), 2) Manchester United (10), 3) Chelsea FC (8), 4) Liverpool FC (8), 5) Tottenham Hotspur (6), 6) Manchester City (4), 7) Everton FC (3), 8) West Ham United (3), 9) West Bromwich Albion (2), 10) Leeds United (1).

Manchester United also hold the record for most times as runners-up having been beaten Finalists a total of eight times since 1952.

West Bromwich Albion are the only club to have appeared in more than one FA Cup Final over the last seventy years and remain undefeated in Finals, having won in both 1954 and 1968.

Four clubs have appeared in more than one FA Cup Final since 1952 but did not lift the Trophy during that time namely Watford FC, Sheffield Wednesday, Crystal Palace and Preston North End, all with two Final appearances.

Tottenham Hotspur hold the record for most Semi-Final exits, falling at the final hurdle a total of 10 times, whilst Sheffield United have the most Semi-Final appearances without making the Final at all, losing in the last four on five separate occasions.

However, Manchester United have appeared in the last four the most times over the last 70 years with a total of 28 Semi-Final games contested.

Manchester United have also appeared in more Quarter Finals than any other club, doing so 35 times, an amazing 50% of all campaigns since 1952. Everton FC have exited the FA Cup at the Quarter Final stage a dozen times, more than any other club, whilst Charlton Athletic have four Quarter Final appearances, the most of any club not to have reached the last four over the last 70 years.

During the Queen’s reign, Blackburn Rovers have exited in the 5th Round more than any other club, 16 times in total, both Newcastle United and Coventry City hold the record for most 4th Round exits (23 times each), whilst Crystal Palace have exited a record 39 times in the 3rd Round.

Just 11 clubs have never exited the FA Cup before the 3rd Round over the last 70 years: Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Everton FC, Leicester City, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough FC, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United.

AFC Bournemouth and Northampton Town jointly hold the record for most 2nd Round exits, 23 times each, whilst Slough Town have appeared in the 2nd Round eight times, more than any other club not to have reached the 3rd Round since 1952.

With 38 defeats Exeter City hold the record for most exits in the 1st Round over the last 70 years.

Weymouth FC and Bath City have both exited the FA Cup in the 4th Qualifying Round on 21 occasions each, the most number of exits in that round, whilst Hucknall Town failed to make the final step to the ‘Proper’ Rounds on six separate occasions.

Since the Queen ascended the Throne, Halesowen Town have made the most 3rd Qualifying Round exits (18), Hyde United have been knocked out in the 2nd Qualifying Round more than any other club (29 times), whilst Clitheroe FC have gone out in the 1st Qualifying Round a record 32 times.

Both Arundel FC and Three Bridges have the most exits in the Preliminary Round, 26 times each, whilst Clapton FC, Thackley FC and Lordswood FC hold the record for most Extra Preliminary Round exits, having been knocked out at the earliest stage possible 13 times each.

At least those three clubs can claim to have at least once gone beyond the Extra Preliminary Round during the last 70 years whereas Holyport FC have exited in the very earliest round in all eight of the campaigns during those years, the most of any club not to appear in the Preliminary Round.

The highest ranked team not to have participated in all 70 FA Cup campaigns since 1952 is 2nd placed Manchester United who famously did not defend their title in the 1999-2000 season having withdrawn to participate in the Club World Championship.

Of the 148 clubs that have been involved in every FA Cup campaign since the Queen ascended the Throne, the lowest ranked one is Uxbridge FC in 614th position with just seven appearances in the 3rd Qualifying Round the best the club could muster during that time.

The biggest margin of victory in the FA Cup over the last 70 years occurred in the 1st Qualifying Round of the 1953-54 season with Northern League side Ferryhill Athletic winning 18-0 against Skinningrove Works from the lower Cleveland League Division One.

The biggest victory in the ‘Proper’ Rounds of the competition since 1952 occurred in a replay when Tottenham Hotspur won 13-2 against Crewe Alexandra in the 1959-60 4th Round after the two sides had played out a two-two draw in the first game.

The biggest debut win since 1952 actually happened in the most recent 2021-22 campaign when Jersey Bulls won 10-1 against Horsham YMCA in the Extra Preliminary Round. There have been only 10 bigger debut margins of victory in FA Cup history.

Team Northumbria have had the worst debut performance in the FA Cup over the last 70 years losing 11-0 at home to Consett FC in the 2007-08 Extra Preliminary Round.

Roman Glass St George returned to the FA Cup for the 2018-19 season 65 seasons after previously participating in it in 1953-54 as Bristol St George, the longest gap between campaigns of any club during the last 70 seasons.

Boston United produced the biggest victory by a non-league side over Football League opposition when winning 6-1 at Derby County in the 1955-56 2nd Round.

Since the Queen ascended the Throne, Lincoln City have progressed the furthest of any non-league club when reaching the Quarter Finals in 2016-17 campaign.

The highest ranked club that was always a non-league club during the past 70 years is Telford United ranked 97th courtesy of a trip to the 5th Round in 1985-86 season. However, that club no longer exists and so the highest ranked existing club that has been a non-league side in all 70 FA Cup campaigns is 101st placed Blyth Spartans who famously reached the 5th Round in the 1977-78 season.

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