FA Cup 150 Book Launch

Pre-Order ‘FA CUP 150‘ NOW! £10* +p&p

UK Paypal users click: facupfactfile.co.uk/shop

Non-Uk & Non-Paypal: email phil@facupfactfile.co.uk

All pre-orders in JUNE will also get FREE electronic 75pp book of 1,000+ club formations/histories!


*Special pre-order price – book will be £15 from August 2021 onward

Because a printed book is limited in what it can contain, further FACupFactfile FA Cup facts and stats can be purchased that will be delivered via email.

Visit https://facupfactfile.co.uk/shop to see what else is currently available.

As well as a physical book, when ordering FA Cup 150 it is also possible to order other great FA Cup content to be sent via email.

The above book is FREE for all pre-orders of FA Cup 150 placed in June 2021.

A 75 page book containing formations and histories of over 1,000 current clubs.

The full ranking of all 3,241 clubs covering the whole 150 year history of the FA Cup.

The full rankings of clubs for all six time periods: ‘Before the Football League’, ‘From Football League to WWI’, ‘Between the Wars’, ‘From WWII to End of 20th Century’, ‘The 21st Century’, and ‘The Full 150 Years’.

Thinking of ordering my ‘FA Cup 150’ book but prefer to wait to see inside a physical copy rather than pre-order blind? Aside from benefit of 33% pre-order discount here’s the contents page & below that is more details about the sections included.

UK Paypal users click: facupfactfile.co.uk/shop

‘FA Cup 150’ starts with endorsement quotes from key figures in world of football commentary like John Murray & Steve Wilson. There’s a summary of 150 years of the Cup, segmented into seven eras based on the ‘7 best ever FA Cup’ clubs.

No FA Cup history book worth its salt could ignore the FA Cup Finals, and ‘FA Cup 150’ dedicates many pages to stats and facts pertinent to each of the 140 Finals, many stats as they would have been relevant at the time they occurred.

Non-Uk & Non-Paypal: email phil@facupfactfile.co.uk

The main theme of ‘FA Cup 150’ is to provide disparate and interesting lists containing the Top 150 clubs with a major focus on performance rankings over time, over six different time periods, and across different levels in the pyramid.

There are sections of random stats in ‘FA Cup 150’ based upon mini-themes such as counting up to 150, the ‘only’ clubs to achieve something, the first time particular facts happened, and the ‘most’ times anything has been achieved.

UK Paypal users click: facupfactfile.co.uk/shop

‘FA Cup 150’ provides insight into clubs who first entered FA Cup, or who first disappeared from FA Cup, clubs with unique suffixes, clubs with peculiar abbreviations or acronyms, re-used club names, disqualified clubs.

Also to be found inside ‘FACup 150’ are lists showing Top 150 goalscoring clubs, Top 150 gaps between FA Cup games, Top 150 margins of victory, Top 150 giant-killings, last 150 runs to the 1st Round, 150 longest and shortest names.

Non-Uk & Non-Paypal: email phil@facupfactfile.co.uk

And ‘FA Cup 150’ features every single club that has ever participated in the FA Cup with stats and facts individually pertinent to hundreds of them scattered about the book.

All this and more for just £10 if ordered before physical release in August 2021 when it will be 50% higher at £15.

Pre-order here NOW! UK Paypal users click: facupfactfile.co.uk/shop

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The FA Cup Factfile is THE most comprehensive resource for FA Cup facts & stats. Spanning almost 150 years of FA Cup history, covering over 3,200 clubs playing more than 71,500 FA Cup matches, the FA Cup Factfile contains facts and stats for Arlesey Town to Arsenal, from Liversedge to Liverpool, and from Mangotsfield United to Manchester United. Visit my website https://facupfactfile.co.uk/ for more details on how you can access my vast FA Cup database

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