FACupFactfile Christmas 2020 Quiz

Former Names Football Matches

Can you work out which two clubs that participated in FA Cup 2020/21 clubs are facing each other based upon one of each of their former names? (Beware: some clubs are listed two or three times). Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Key: PL=Premier League, EFL=Football League, NatL=National League

IL=Isthmian League, NPL=Northern Premier League, SL=Southern League

CCL=Combined Counties League, ECL=Eastern Counties League, EMCL=East Midlands Counties League, ESL=Essex Senior League, HL=Hellenic League, MFL=Midland Football League, NCEL=Northern Counties East League, NL=Northern League, NWCL=Northwest Counties League, SCEL=Southern Counties East League, SCL=Southern Combination League, SSML=Spartan South Midlands League, UCL=United Counties League, WessL=Wessex League, WestL=Western League, WMRL=West Midlands Regional League

Answer can now be found at the end of this blog.

  1. Abbey Sports (IL) v Abbey United (EFL)
  2. AGWI United (WessL) v Albion United (NL)
  3. Anson Sports (NECL) v APM Mears (SCEL)
  4. Apsley (NatL) v Ardwick (PL)
  5. Armada Sports (SL) v Armstrong Siddeley Motors (MFL)
  6. AXA (WestL) v Axwell Park Colliery Welfare (NL)
  7. Bearings Direct (SL) v Belmont (EFL)
  8. Bethnal Green United (SCEL) v Black Arabs (EFL)
  9. Blackpool Mechanics (NWCL) v Blakeborough Valve Company (NPL)
  10. Boscombe (EFL) v Bramtoco (WessL)
  11. Broadheath (NatL) v Brotherhoods Engineering Works (SL)
  12. Brunswick Village (NL) v Centre 21 (CCL)
  13. Christ Church Hampstead (SL) v Christchurch (MFL)
  14. City Supporters Rusholme (NWCL) v CKD (NWCL)
  15. Colourvision Rangers (WessL) v Crittall Athletic (NatL)
  16. Devonshire Park (SCL) v Dial Square (PL)
  17. Downs FC (ESL) v Eagle FC (EFL)
  18. Eastville Rovers (EFL) v Ex-Air Flyers (WestL)
  19. Eye United (UCL) v Ford United (ESL)
  20. Golders Green (SL) v Gravesend and Northfleet (NatL)
  21. Grays Inn (NCEL) v Greenhouse London (ESL)
  22. H and B United (SCEL) v Haringey and Walthamstow Development (ESL)
  23. Hartburn Juniors (NL) v Headington United (EFL)
  24. Heaton Corner House (NL) v Heaton Norris Rovers (NatL)
  25. Highmoor-Ibis (HL) v Hurst (NPL)
  26. Inrad (CCL) v James Grove Button Factory (SL)
  27. John Smith’s (NPL) v Kirkham and Wesham (NatL)
  28. Lakeside (IL) v Langney Sports (NatL)
  29. Langton (NWCL) v Leyton Pennant (ESL)
  30. Lloyds Sports (WessL) v Lockheed Borg and Beck (NatL)
  31. LSS Lucarlys (NPL) v MALEX (SSML)
  32. Manlove and Alliots (EMCL) v Manor Athletic (IL)
  33. Manor Works (NatL) v Mauritius Sports Association (ESL)
  34. Medway (SCEL) v Mill Lane Mission (IL)
  35. Miners Arms (NCEL) v Mitchell Shackleton (NWCL)
  36. Mond Rangers (NWCL) v Mount Grace (IL)
  37. Nag’s Head (NCEL) v Netherfield (NPL)
  38. New Bilton Juniors (UCL) v New Brompton (EFL)
  39. Newton Heath (PL) v Northam Star (UCL)
  40. Ordnance Survey (WessL) v Over Wanderers (NWCL)
  41. Park Villa (NPL) v Pilton Yeo Vale (SL)
  42. Pine Villa (EFL) v Poringland and District (ECL)
  43. Portsmouth Civil Service (SL) v Preston Colliery (NL)
  44. Ravenstone (SL) v Reed International (SCEL)
  45. Reyrolles (NL) v Riverside (EFL)
  46. Rock-A-Nore (IL) v Roxonian (SL)
  47. Royal Engineers (OSO) (WessL) v Rutland Engineering Works (UCL)
  48. Rutland Ironworks (NPL) v Saltisford Rovers (MFL)
  49. Shaddongate United (EFL) v Singers (EFL)
  50. Small Heath Alliance (EFL) v Sneinton (NPL)
  51. Spartan Club (EFL) v Spencer Villa (SL)
  52. St Andrew’s Youth Club (WMRL) v St Domingo’s (PL)
  53. St Luke’s (PL) v Stanhope Rovers (SCEL)
  54. Stewarts and Lloyds (SL) v Stockton (NL)
  55. Stockton Heath Albion (NPL) v Stroud (EFL)
  56. Sun Life (WestL) v Swaythling (NatL)
  57. Thames Ironworks (PL) v Thanet United (IL)
  58. Tufnell Park (IL) v Valley Sports (UCL)
  59. Vandyke (CCL) v Vosper Thorneycroft (SL)
  60. West Herts (EFL) v Whickham Sports (NPL)
  61. Wicor Mill (WessL) v Woolwich Heathway (SCEL)

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  1. Waltham Abbey (NL) v Cambridge United (EFL)
  2. Fawley (NL) v Little Common (NL)
  3. Glasshoughton Welfare (NL) v K Sports (NL)
  4. Hemel Hempstead Town (NL) v Manchester City (PL)
  5. Basingstoke Town (NL) v Coventry Sphinx (NL)
  6. Cribbs (NL) v Whickham (NL)
  7. Peterborough Sports (NL) v Tranmere Rovers (EFL)
  8. Tower Hamlets (NL) v Bristol Rovers (EFL)
  9. AFC Blackpool (NL) v Brighouse Town (NL)
  10. AFC Bournemouth (EFL) v Totton and Eling (NL)
  11. Altrincham (NL) v Peterborough Sports (NL)
  12. Newcastle Benfield (NL) v Sutton Common Rovers (NL)
  13. Hendon (NL) v Chelmsley Town (NL)
  14. Maine Road (NL) v Runcorn Town (NL)
  15. AFC Portchester (NL) v Braintree Town (NL)
  16. Eastbourne Town (NL) v Arsenal (PL)
  17. Clapton (NL) v Leyton Orient (EFL)
  18. Bristol Rovers (EFL) v Plymouth Parkway (NL)
  19. Peterborough Northern Star (NL) v Redbridge (NL)
  20. Hendon (NL) v Ebbsfleet United (NL)
  21. Bridlington Town (NL) v Woodford Town (NL)
  22. Hollands and Blair (NL) v Woodford Town (NL)
  23. Stockton Town (NL) v Oxford United (EFL)
  24. Newcastle Benfield (NL) v Stockport County (NL)
  25. Reading City (NL) v Ashton United (NL)
  26. Sutton Common Rovers (NL) v Halesowen Town (NL)
  27. Tadcaster Albion (NL) v AFC Fylde (NL)
  28. Phoenix Sports (NL) v Eastbourne Borough (NL)
  29. Bootle (NL) v Walthamstow (NL)
  30. AFC Portchester (NL) v Leamington (NL)
  31. Cleethorpes Town (NL) v London Lions (NL)
  32. Radford (NL) v Brentwood Town (NL)
  33. Braintree Town (NL) v Woodford Town (NL)
  34. Chatham Town (NL) v Carshalton Athletic (NL)
  35. Garforth Town (NL) v Irlam (NL)
  36. Runcorn Town (NL) v Potters Bar Town (NL)
  37. Staveley Miners Welfare (NL) v Kendal Town (NL)
  38. Rugby Town (NL) v Gillingham (EFL)
  39. Manchester United (PL) v Peterborough Northern Star (NL)
  40. AFC Stoneham (NL) v Winsford United (NL)
  41. Mossley (NL) v Barnstaple Town (NL)
  42. Oldham Athletic (EFL) v Norwich United (NL)
  43. Moneyfields (NL) v North Shields (NL)
  44. Coalville Town (NL) v K Sports (NL)
  45. Hebburn Town (NL) v Cardiff City (EFL)
  46. Hastings United (NL) v Harrow Borough (NL)
  47. AFC Stoneham (NL) v Blackstones (NL)
  48. Stamford (NL) v Racing Club Warwick (NL)
  49. Carlisle United (EFL) v Coventry City (EFL)
  50. Birmingham City (EFL) v Carlton Town (NL)
  51. Swindon Town (EFL) v Banbury United (NL)
  52. Shifnal Town (NL) v Everton (PL)
  53. Wolverhampton Wanderers (PL) v Beckenham Town (NL)
  54. Corby Town (NL) v Thornaby (NL)
  55. Warrington Town (NL) v Forest Green Rovers (EFL)
  56. Cribbs (NL) v Eastleigh (NL)
  57. West Ham United (PL) v Margate (NL)
  58. Haringey Borough (NL) v Rugby Town (NL)
  59. Colliers Wood United (NL) v Sholing (NL)
  60. Watford (EFL) v Dunston (NL)
  61. AFC Portchester (NL) v Erith Town (NL)

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