FA Cup Memories – Series 1:24 Micky Hazard


This is the 24th and final blog in the first series of exclusive FA Cup Memories from all across the football spectrum, published on the day the FA Cup Final winners would have been parading the Trophy to their fans.

Every day, having started on May 1st 2020, a new set of exclusive FA Cup memories have been published via this FACupFactfile blog, and today is the turn of an actual FA Cup Winner for Spurs in 1982.



Connection to the world of Football: Former Spurs, Chelsea and SwindonTown player

Pic Micky Hazard

First memory of the FA Cup: Micky says, “First memory of FA Cup was watching my home town Sunderland beat Leeds United in the final at Wembley 1-0.

This 1973 FA Cup Final has proven to be the most common one recollected as the first memory of the FA Cup for many contributors to this series of FA Cup recollections. It was a remarkable FA Cup Final, probably the biggest shock in Cup Final history, and the start of a period of Cup Finals in a short period that were won by the underdog that have had a greater capacity to forge themselves in our memory banks.

It does help if it’s your home-town club that produces the FA Cup shock, though!


Favourite memory of the FA Cup: Micky says, “Winning the FA Cup as a player at Wembley.  Schoolboy dreams coming true.”

Pic Z Spurs 1982

Micky was a member of the 1982 Tottenham Hotspur side who defeated QPR 1-0 in an FA Cup Replay to help Spurs lift the Cup for a record equalling 7th time, becoming the first club to win the Cup in their first seven Finals.

Anyone growing up loving football in the 1960s and 1970s would have dreamt of winning the FA Cup, regarding that as the pinnacle of football achievement at the time, but only a handful of us actually got to live that dream.

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that lifting the famous Trophy proves to be Micky’s favourite FA Cup memory.


Last FA Cup match attended: Micky says, “Tough Question, but it was Spurs v Norwich and we got knocked out on penalties, sadly, in March

Pic Z Tim Krul

It might not be a great last FA Cup memory for Micky, but it was definitely a memorable night for Norwich City and, in particular, Tim Krul who proved to be the hero of the penalty shoot-out.

Norwich are the only club in the 2020 FA Cup Quarter Finals which has never yet appeared in a Cup Final. The current suspension of football bizarrely does mean that Norwich have for the first time managed to remain in the competition by the time May came around. It would be a real shame if they were not given the opportunity to create proper FA Cup history for themselves.


Thoughts on the future of the FA Cup: Micky says, “It’s the greatest club competition in the World and something has to be done to bring it back to its former glories.  Champions League place for winners would make all the big clubs put their best teams out therefore bringing it back to where it once stood.

Micky joins a host of others in calling for the FA Cup winners to be allocated a Champions League place. It would be an interesting experiment to see if it really did make a difference to how the competition was treated by the ‘bigger’ clubs in the country. I suspect that we would see little change in terms of the pool of winners that have recently dominated the competition, but it could help return giant-killings to their proper status, knowing that the team beaten was the best eleven that could be fielded.


Sincere thanks to Micky for sharing his FA Cup memories and thoughts on the future of the competition. It’s been fantastic to have an actual FA Cup winner to conclude this first series of FA Cup memories from key figures across the whole spectrum of the football world.


No. 23 in this FA Cup Memories series, the recollections from a 5 Live commentator and senior football reporter, can be read by clicking on this link: https://facupfactfile.wordpress.com/2020/05/23/fa-cup-memories-series-123-ian-dennis/

You can read this exclusive FA Cup Memories series from where it all started with BBC 5 Live Commentator John Murray by clicking on this link:   https://facupfactfile.wordpress.com/2020/05/01/fa-cup-memories-series-11-john-murray/

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