Answers & Explanations for #FACupXmasQuiz

Below are the answers and explanations to my FA Cup Xmas Quiz. I hope you’re not too annoyed by the explanation for those you struggled to get, and that you don’t kick yourself too much for those ‘of course it is’ answers you should have got?

I sincerely hope you did enjoy the quiz. Thanks for taking part and I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

A link to the original questions is here


Answers (and Explanations)

  1. Abbey Hey (Abi, hey)
  2. Moneyfields (brass & muck)
  3. Millwall (mill wall – helps keep factory roof on)
  4. Barrow (lose wheel from wheelbarrow, barrow is a mound of dirt)
  5. Liversedge (liver’s edge)
  6. Chipstead (chips Ted – Theodore Roosevelt)
  7. Bishop Auckland (head of diocese / New Zealand city)
  8. Southport (it’s in the north)
  9. Hollands and Blair (Dutch and Tony)
  10. Port Vale (port veil)
  11. Prescot Cables (anagram – could be)
  12. Margate (mar = mess up)
  13. Clapton (tough one this – the 60s saw ‘Clapton is God’ graffiti)
  14. Sun Sports (tabloid back page)
  15. Goole (ghoul)
  16. Gateshead (anagram – around)
  17. Shildon (anagram – wrongly)
  18. Dulwich Hamlet (dull witch, should be in MacBeth)
  19. Salisbury (Salisbury Plain)
  20. Lingfield (ling is a fish and also another word for heather)
  21. Tunbridge Wells (where all the metaphorical disgruntled people come from)
  22. Bromley (anagram – criminal)
  23. Cheshunt (anagram – possibly)
  24. Chasetown (pursue Huddersfield Town’s lead)
  25. Bitton (sounds like bittern and bitten)
  26. Stansted (Stan’s ted – Stan Laurel is Oliver Hardy’s partner)
  27. Curzon Ashton (anagram – around)
  28. Cockfosters (Australian beer held in a strange way)
  29. Albion Sports (move ‘s’ in Albion’s ports)
  30. Ware (sounds like where)
  31. Fulham (full ham)
  32. Barnsley (Barnsley chop is meat cut straight across the short saddle)
  33. Leyton Orient (Leighton Baines going east)
  34. Hackney Wick (Hackney cab, material running through candle)
  35. Horndean (horn dean)
  36. Lewes (can be found backwards in SEWELl)
  37. Barking (double meaning – crazy / shouting)
  38. Histon (found in wHIST ONly)
  39. Accrington Stanley (anagram – cast (as in throw), who are they is milk advert reference)
  40. Kirby Muxloe (anagram – remix)
  41. Maldon and Tiptree (Mal=bad, don=teacher, tip=tilt, tree=elm)
  42. Everton (can be found backwards in piNOT REVErend)
  43. Rusthall (found in thRUST HALLowe’en)
  44. Enfield (cockneys drop their aitches – hen field)
  45. Slimbridge (slim bridge)
  46. Marine (anagram – sail around, also double meaning)
  47. Tower Hamlets (high-rise and word for villages)
  48. Alvechurch (‘alve church)
  49. Hartley Wintney (anagram – criminal)
  50. Stevenage (Steven age)
  51. Colne (take og out of Cologne)
  52. Cheddar (gorge in Somerset)
  53. Kidlington (anagram – garbled)
  54. Brockenhurst (anagram – about)
  55. Cribbs (Cribs are homes in urban dictionary)
  56. Arsenal (found in coARSEN ALders)
  57. Marlow (anagram – cross owl & ram)
  58. Blackpool (dark water)
  59. Crystal Palace (a grand greenhouse)
  60. Chelsea (found in satCHEL SEAfarer)
  61. Lordswood (cricket bats are made of willow)
  62. Darlington (darling=dear, ‘ton’ is ‘not’ backwards)
  63. Cammell Laird (camels are ships of the desert, laird is a word for an owner)
  64. Squires Gate (entrance for squires only, not common people)
  65. Langford (fang lord – description of Dracula – Spooner often switched first letters around)
  66. Barkingside (king=rex in bar-side=next to pumps)
  67. Merstham (anagram – make up)
  68. Irlam (her lamb)
  69. Consett (anagram – ground)
  70. Hallam (found in letHAL LAMb)
  71. Blyth Spartans (blythe=indifferent, Spartans= old warriors)
  72. Altrincham (tough two parter – anagram (lost) of rich man after the ALT key)
  73. Spelthorne Sports (spell ‘thorne sports’)
  74. East Preston (Ribbleton is a village east of Preston in Lancashire)
  75. Romulus (European twin was Remus, uncle Remus was American story teller)
  76. Biggleswade (Biggles weighed)
  77. Mossley (the French word for the (le) inside mossy=downy)
  78. Cadbury Heath (chocolate & plain)
  79. Ramsgate (ram’s gate)
  80. Dunkirk (done Kirk)
  81. Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe)
  82. Dartford (dart=arrow, ford=fiesta)
  83. New Mills (mills=plants)
  84. Burnham (burn ‘em)
  85. Chesterfield (found in manCHESTER FIELDer)
  86. Leatherhead (leather=skin, head=leader – herd references cowskin)
  87. Thurrock (found in arTHUR ROCKs)
  88. Thackley (anagram (unusually) both of ‘they lack’ and ‘latch key’)
  89. Newhaven (new haven)
  90. Shoreham (shore ham)
  91. Newton Aycliffe (anagram – shaped)
  92. Knaphill (nap hill)
  93. Northwood (Kielder forest is a wood in the north of England)
  94. Ashington (anagram – mixed)
  95. Maine Road (Maine is the first US state you come to if you travel on the road from Montreal)
  96. Bashley (bash lea)
  97. Clipstone (one of my favourites – Stone clip (crossing legs) is famous scene in Basic Instinct)
  98. Hendon (hen done)
  99. Odd Down (anagram (odd) is part of the answer)
  100. Clitheroe (anagram – quirky)
  101. Arundel (anagram – launder)
  102. Hassocks (has socks)
  103. Shaftesbury (anagram – splashes around)
  104. Aveley (found in hAVE LEY lines)
  105. Rochdale (anagram – around)
  106. Tooting and Mitcham United (tooting=honking, Robert Mitchum, united=together)
  107. Gorleston (anagram – maybe)
  108. Droyslden (anagram – out)
  109. Chorley (first 4 letters of chorizo with last 3 letters of parsley)
  110. Tividale (anagram – abandoned)
  111. Bideford (‘defo’ inside ‘bird’)
  112. Eastleigh (village if Astley is east of the town of Leigh in Lancashire)
  113. Trafford (anagram – organised)
  114. Parkgate (park=play area)
  115. Aylesbury (anagram – variety of)
  116. Metropolitan Police (coppers on the street)
  117. Walsall (found backwards in nigeLLA’S LAWyer)
  118. Herne Bay (Spooner would say Burn Hay, switching first letters)
  119. Boreham Wood (bore ‘em wood)
  120. Morecambe (Ernie Wise and his partner)
  121. Abbey Rangers (rangers patrol monasteries)
  122. Three Bridges (3 famous actor relatives)
  123. Farsley Celtic (anagram – adjust)
  124. Kings Langley (Langley is CIA HQ hence center spelt American way)
  125. Mile Oak (anagram – stir)
  126. Holmesdale (Sherlock Holmes / Dale Winton)
  127. Nelson (on his column in Trafalgar Square)
  128. Whitehawk (white hawk)
  129. Ilford (found in wILF ORDinarily)
  130. Watford (anagram – eccentric)
  131. Brocton (found backwards in NOT CORBy)
  132. Guiseley (guy’s=man’s, lea=field)
  133. Bamber Bridge (Bamber Gasgoigne presented University Challenge before Paxman)
  134. Farnborough (anagram – awfully)
  135. Badshot Lea (bad shot Lee)
  136. Longlevens (anagram – about)
  137. Aston Villa (Aston (Martin) villa)
  138. Bury Town (one of my favourites, inter=bury, Milzano is a town – Milan is a city)
  139. Penrith (anagram – twist)
  140. Binfield (bin field)
  141. Seaham Red Star (anagram – false)
  142. Shepton Mallet (anagram – deploy)
  143. Barwell (bar=pub, well=OK)
  144. Berkhamsted (one of my favourites, anagram – hash)
  145. Lancing (how to get rid of a boil)
  146. Canvey Island (anagram – about, clue to island with ‘get off here’)
  147. Whyteleafe (anagram – suspect)
  148. Glebe (one of my favourites, found in eaGLE BEagle)
  149. Sheffield (the world’s oldest club, Sheffield famous for steel)
  150. Barnet (cockney rhyming slang – if you have Barnet Fair=hair, you don’t need a Syrup of Fig=wig)
  151. Handsworth Parramore (hands=men, worth=value, Parramore=paramour)
  152. Brentford (David Brent from The Office and his car)
  153. Wealdstone (wield stone=rock)
  154. AC London (half of AC/DC in capital of England)
  155. Southall (anagram – mix the sin of)
  156. Leamington (anagram – out of joint)
  157. Quorn (a brand of meat-free food)
  158. Barnton (one of my favourites, barn=shed, ton is a weight)

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