When Will Enough be Enough?

Let’s all be very clear about this. Those Premier League clubs outside the supposed ‘Top six’ are not fighting against the revised split of TV money for any other reason than for their own self interests.

The ‘non Top Six’ clubs are just trying to prevent the current ‘Top Six’ clubs from doing to them what the current ‘non Top Six clubs’ are doing to every other club below the Premier League. That is, maximisation of profits for themselves without any concern for football as a whole.

Don’t be fooled by the argument that the money needs to be evenly spread to ensure the Premier League remains competitive. Despite what all the media pundits and journalists say, it is not competitive now.

Yes, Leicester City won the Premier League two years ago, supposedly proving that any team can do so, but in reality they were just the exception that proves the rule. Yes a newly promoted team can beat a ‘Top Six’ side, but that makes the headlines because of how infrequently it happens.

The truth of the matter is that the Premier League and its member clubs have too much money as it is. Why do they need even more? To be successful? I don’t think so. Time and again it has been shown that money doesn’t guarantee success. Yes, it gives you a better chance for success, but it doesn’t guarantee it.

No, the real reason clubs want more money is simply so they can have more money. Top level football clubs are businesses, run by business men and women, whose only reason for being is to make as much money as possible. The more money the clubs make the more money the individuals at the clubs will make, and the more money those running the competitions will make. The product itself is irrelevant. Football doesn’t matter.

This ‘money first, football nowhere’ approach is eventually going to kill the game.

Its inevitable conclusion is that there will be a small cluster of clubs remaining across Europe and the World, who will all base themselves in one tax haven with a temperate climate and all play each other in a closed league broadcast across the world by the highest bidder for TV rights.

In the eyes of the financially focused boards of these clubs all other levels of football can simply go hang itself.

Whatever the outcome of the current talks about sharing TV money, the long term result will be exactly the same.


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