Worst Performing Clubs in FA Cup

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Since the FA Cup began way back in 1871 there have been 3,130 different clubs that have participated in the competition in at least one season (up to and including 2014/15 season).

Of those 3,130 clubs, 134 (now 133) have only taken part in just one season and in that solitary season they were knocked out in the Extra Preliminary Round. These clubs could be adjudged to have the worst FA Cup record.

Below is a list of these 133 clubs indicating the season the club participated in this famous competition and what League the club competed in during that season.

Finding affiliated leagues for some clubs has proved to be very difficult and for 31 clubs in this list I have been unable to verify their league status (if any). Additionally, club histories are notoriously difficult to get absolute clarity on, and it is possible that some of the clubs in the list are actually a different incarnation of another club that has also participated in the competition.

So if you can help identify league status or provide evidence of a link to another club then please leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @FACupFactfile.

Otherwise just simply enjoy some of the more obscure names in FA Cup history!


Clubs with FA Cup Best Performance of Just Once Being Knocked Out in Extra Preliminary Round

Club Season League
Royal Engineers Service Battalion 1903-04 Unknown
Highthorn 1904-05 Sheffield Association League
Birdwell Primitive Methodists 1909-10 Barnsley Association League – Actually Barnsley Junior League
Finedon United 1909-10 Northamptonshire League Division 2
Holme 1909-10 North East Lancashire Combination
Tyldesley Albion 1909-10 Manchester League
Brimington Hotspur 1911-12 East Derbyshire League
New Whittington Exchange 1911-12 East Derbyshire League
North Lindsey Midgets 1911-12 North Lindsey League
South Shields Albion 1911-12 Unknown
Woolwich Royal Artillery 1911-12 Scratched before playing match
Bridlington Albion 1912-13 Bridlington and District League
Cammell’s Sports 1912-13 Unknown – Actually played in Hatchard League
Castleford United 1912-13 Scratched before playing match
Immingham 1912-13 Lincolnshire League Northern Division
Industry Inn 1912-13 Unknown – Actually in Sheffield Licensed Victuallers League
RGA Tynemouth 1912-13 Unknown
Dominion 1913-14 Liverpool County Combination
Hexham Athletic 1913-14 Northern Alliance
Allendale Park 1914-15 Northern Combination
Bolton Athletic (Bradford) 1914-15 Bradford Amateur League
Bournemouth Wanderers 1914-15 Scratched before playing match
Holly Bush (Parkgate) 1914-15 Rotherham Licencsed Victuallers League
Pleasley United 1914-15 Unknown
Tonge Temperance 1914-15 South East Lancashire League
Brompton 1919-20 (Original) Kent League Division 1
Sheffield Simplex Works 1919-20 Sheffield Works League – Actually in Sheffield Association League
Anston United 1920-21 Unknown – Actually played in the Portland Junior League and then changed name to Anston Athletic and has 7 more FA Cup campaigns
Bromborough 1920-21 I-Zingari League Division 1
Frenchay 1920-21 Bristol and District League
Gainsborough Albion 1920-21 Gainsborough and District League
Goldthorpe Colliery 1920-21 South Elmsall League
Grimsby STC 1920-21 Grimsby League
Hull Wanderers 1920-21 Unknown
Jump Working Men’s Club 1920-21 Barnsley Association League – Actually in Barnsley Junior League
Newland Choir 1920-21 East Riding Amateur League
Ryhill Liberal 1920-21 Unknown
Shiphams 1920-21 East Riding County League
Aberaman United 1921-22 Scratched before playing match
Abercarn 1921-22 Monmouth Senior League
Arlington 1921-22 Unknown
Bilston Amateurs 1921-22 Unknown
Blackwood Town 1921-22 Unknown
Boston St Nicholas 1921-22 South Lincolnshire League
Burton Werneth Rangers 1921-22 Burton and District League Division 1
Crofton 1921-22 Unknown
Cross Keys 1921-22 Monmouth Senior League
Darnall Welfare 1921-22 Unknown
Daventry Victoria 1921-22 Northamptonshire League
Donnington Wood Institute 1921-22 Unknown
Earles Welfare 1921-22 Unknown
Machynlleth 1921-22 Welsh National League Central Division
Mansfield Woodhouse Excelsior 1921-22 North Notts League
Netherseal Colliery 1921-22 Burton and District League Division 1
New Tredegar 1921-22 Welsh League (South) Division 2
Rawden 1921-22 Leeds Amateur League
Risca Stars 1921-22 Unknown
Rycroft Athletic 1921-22 Unknown
Staithes United 1921-22 Cleveland League
Sunbeam Motors 1921-22 Walsall Senior League
Hetton United 1922-23 Palatine League
Hitchin Athletic 1922-23 Herts County League North East Division
Blundells 1923-24 Unknown
Hadfield 1923-24 Manchester League
Wingate Athletic 1923-24 Mid-Durham League
8th Durham Light Infantry 1924-25 Houghton and District League Division 2
Croston 1924-25 West Lancashire League
Hereford RAOC 1924-25 Unknown
Hull Technical College Old Boys 1924-25 Unknown
Savoy Hotel 1924-25 Great Western Suburban League
Boxmoor 1925-26 Unknown
Grays Sports 1925-26 Scratched before playing match
Melton 1925-26 East Riding County League
Bean 1926-27 Birmingham Combination
Colne Town 1926-27 Lancashire Combination
East Hull United 1926-27 Unknown
Grimsby YMCA 1926-27 Grimsby League
Savoy (Southall) 1926-27 Unknown
Hemsworth Colliery 1927-28 Doncaster Senior League
Hessle 1928-29 East Riding County League
Pickering St George’s 1929-30 Unknown
West Hartlepool Perseverence 1929-30 Teesside League
Suttons 1930-31 Reading and District League Division 1 West
Westland Works (Petters) 1930-31 Western League Division 2
Portsmouth Albion 1931-32 Portsmouth League
Hebburn St Cuthbert’s 1932-33 Tyneside League
Ramsgate Press Wanderers 1933-34 (Original) Kent League Division 1
Pegswood United 1934-35 North Eastern League Division 2
Whitburn Colliery Welfare 1934-35 Unknown
London Labour 1935-36 Unknown
Imperial Paper Mills 1936-37 Kent Amateur League (Western) Premier Division
4th Royal Tank Regiment 1937-38 Unknown
Leasingthorne 1937-38 Central Durham League
Venner Sports 1937-38 London League Division 1
Chopwell Colliery 1938-39 Northern Alliance
Golcar (Huddersfield) 1938-39 Scratched before playing match
Middleton Wanderers 1938-39 Darlington and District League Division 1
Port of London Authority (Police) 1938-39 London League Division 1
Wardle and Barbridge United 1938-39 Crewe and District League
Washington Chemical Works 1938-39 Wearside League
Trafalgar Sports (Portsmouth) 1946-47 Portsmouth League
Pica 1947-48 West Cumberland League
Botley 1948-49 Hampshire League Division 2
David Brown Athletic 1948-49 Unknown
De Havilland Vampires 1948-49 London League Division 1
Hessle Old Boys (Hull) 1948-49 East Riding County League
St Frideswide (Oxford) 1948-49 Oxfordshire Senior League
Wells Amateurs 1948-49 Scratched before playing match
West End Rovers 1948-49 Unknown
Dickinsons (Apsley) 1949-50 Metropolitan and District League
Ferrybridge Amateur 1949-50 Unknown
Southport Leyland Road 1949-50 Lancashire Amateur League
Usworth Social Club 1949-50 Washington and District Amateur League
Callington 1950-51 Cornwall Senior Cup Eastern Division
Mablethorpe United 1950-51 Lincolnshire League
Neville’s Athletic 1950-51 North Notts League
South Shields Ex-Schoolboys 1950-51 Sunderland Amateur League
Surbiton Town 1950-51 Surrey Senior League
Wallasey Transport 1950-51 Scratched before playing match
Broadbridge Heath 2004-05 Sussex County League Division 2
Cullompton Rangers 2009-10 South West Peninsula League Premier Division
Radford * 2009-10 East Midlands Counties League
Hook Norton * 2010-11 Hellenic League Division 1 West
Askern Villa 2011-12 Northern Counties East League Division 1
Bustleholme 2011-12 West Midlands (Regional) League Division 1
Grimsby Borough 2011-12 Northern Counties East League Division 1
Wellingborough Whitworth * 2012-13 United Counties League Premier Division
Chinnor * 2013-14 Hellenic League Division 1 East
Oldland Abbotonians 2013-14 Western League Division 1
Brimscombe and Thrupp * 2014-15 Hellenic League Premier Division
Hythe and Dibden * 2014-15 Wessex League Division 1
Phoenix Sports * 2014-15 Southern Counties East League
Harrowby United * 2015-16 United Counties League Premier Division
* Club to be removed from this list having competed in 2015-16 FA Cup

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